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Embracing vintage stores, the art of thrifting and supporting sustainable brands has opened my eyes up to what lives in my backyard. Columbus has become a hub for fashion brands large and small. Boutiques share timeless pieces, unique designs, utilizing their creative expression.  So that’s why I’m excited to share local gems with you.

March 31, 2019

Vintage Clothing

Introducing Ocean Clean Apparel. A company that prides itself on helping our oceans. Each garment purchase removes 1 pound of trash with the Ocean Clean Up. Finally you can see how this awesome brand is helping save our oceans right from the buckeye state here.  

September 27, 2018

Columbus local brand Altre Wear considers the entire life cycle of each piece when sourcing fabrics for her collection. Due to creating garments out of previous pieces Aileen reduces her waste and gives customers a one of a kind piece. Seems like a great idea right? See the whole store here

September 25, 2018

February 6, 2017