My Story


I grew up in Ohio where I never  truly thought about the ocean and our impact. Sad to admit that, but it was very much out of sight out of mind.
I traveled to the beach and enjoyed being there but it wasn't something I felt connected to. 

Fast-forward after I spent part of my 20s in Australia  and time in Bali, I started to see how many people were very aware of the ocean and its impact .  Not just enjoying it for leisure but for celebrating its amazing wildlife, resources and opportunity to provide the world with 70% of our water. I couldn't get enough of it. I would spend every week at the beach. Cleaning up trash here and there but never the piles we started to see turn up. 

While living in Oz,  I was already making changes in my life to reduce my waste.  I watched a docu-series called The War on Waste Australia and was shocked at the waste we create, with little respect for how to dispose of it. I began to bring my own coffee cup to cafes or opt for canvas bags over paper, and I'd hit the farmers market for fresh, naked produce. Whilst in Oz, one day I had a photoshoot on a beautiful Sydney harbour beach. We walked up and the ground was strewn with plastic waste. Plastic bottles, bags, glasses, straws; everything that belonged in the trash and not in the sand floating near our oceans. I had to move everything out of the way to shoot, and my heart sank.
How could we be so careless? Was anyone talking about this?

How did my sustainable journey start?

I knew I wanted to start the conversation about this problem and how we can all do better. I told my old social audience that I was changing directions with my content and if they wanted to stay with, I'd love to have them. 

In July 2018, I  joined Plastic Free July and documented my journey, my wins/ fails with making swaps and started to photograph content along with my tips. I began sharing that you don't have to give up luxury to make these lifestyle changes; each decision allows you to live with more consciousness and you're reducing waste along the way; even saving money in the process.

Now,  6  years later, I work with sustainable brands to help share their message & products to kick wasteful habits. I also create content for brands; enjoying the products myself. Everyone's journey with sustainability look different.  There are SO many areas in our lives we can make improvements.  I say pick one area, and make changes as you go. 

I want people to see that these changes on the individual and local level can be more impactful than waiting for our governments and politicians, because we may be waiting a while.