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While on my own low waste journey, I started to connect with so many amazing conscious and ethical brands that are putting the planet first whilst reducing wasteful habits in the process. 

I love creating content for brands and because sustainable products can be so unique, I love to find interesting and memorable ways to share brands. 

My partnerships are extremely important to me and will only partner with a brand if I truly like, can use, and speak to the product to reduce waste, 

I prefer to partner over the course of a few months to encourage better retention of the product with my audience as well as show unique content.  I also create content for you to repurpose for your own marketing use. 

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Branding Content, social media strategy 

Introducing Half Caff Content, your go-to for exceptional photo, video and social media strategy.

In the digital age, compelling visuals have become the cornerstone of effective communication. Whether you're a brand looking to captivate your audience or an individual seeking to tell your unique story, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your content creation and social media needs.
We understand the power of visual storytelling and its potential to inspire change. With a focus on sustainability and conscious living, we brings a fresh perspective to photography and videography for your brand so your social media strategy is streamlined. 

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Hear it from others. . . 

 I always enjoy the engagement you have with your community. I value our partnership and am thankful to have you on the team :)

- Adam, Leaf shave

Aimee is an incredible resource and partner for anyone searching to elevate their experience in social media marketing. Not only did she take the time to learn about our brand, values, innovative product, and create unique content, she also actively had feedback and tidbits of information in an effort to help us understand her followers questions and needs. It was mind blowing her attention to detail and thoughtfulness to her craft. She goes above and beyond a basic scope of work and really showed an immense level of passion and caring for our company. We were incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with her, so much so, set the bar for all our other partnerships. At a time when we weren’t certain if we could find anyone in her industry to consider us more than a payday she proved there can be heart and soul to social media content creators."
Tifffany - DEW MTY

"Emma and Aimee are a dream team to work with. Everything was seamless and allowed for my brand to be authenticity represented.  The wealth of knowledge that they each bring to table really creates an atmosphere of creatively that allows for ideas to naturally flow. They truly go above and beyond to make the experience so meaningful, definitely using them for my next brand shoot.”, 

- April - Forgotten and found

Brand shoots can be overwhelming and stressful, but having Aimee there made it fun, stress-free! For prep, she assisted me with outfits, hair + makeup, locations, poses and all the small details that I would have forgotten about. As for day of, she was there every step of the way to make me feel comfortable and confident as well as assist the photographer with lighting, props, etc. Her warm spirit, positive energy, and calm disposition on top of her experience as a model and influencer is why you need to hire her for your next brand shoot! 
- Jacquie - little adapts by jax

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