Social Media

Did you know the average human's attention span is now 8 seconds? That means with the amount of technology we have, we're inundated with content from every angle, and can consume content at a constant rate. 

A strategy helps you keep your content organized, thoughts curated and focused on what you're trying to share with your audience; not just everything and anything, getting lost in the crowd. 

When I started to treat social media, more importantly each channel like a business channel I started to feel excited about the content I was sharing and not overwhelmed by the platforms.  Growth happened, conversations were engaged and  more people wanted to know how I made my channels work for my business. 

So whatever your Social Media need, I can help.
Check out some ways we can work together below!

Why do you need a Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Consulting packages 

Instagram Strategy Intensive

1 month commitment

If you struggle with...

 - Creating content for your social media page to market your product or service. 
- The overwhelm of hashtags, stories, and understanding what is saveable content?
- How to incorporate Reels/TikTok?
- Your current strategy and need to fine-tune it?
- Wanting to use Instagram at all?
- Not sure how to manage Instagram to fit your brand’s needs. 

My Insta Intensive helps you understand HOW to use your Instagram. We go through your current strategy, where we need to make changes, how to find the right posting cadence for you to use it affectively.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

3 month commitment

You've got the content....

This package is customizable for your needs.
For example, maybe you have the imagery in your backlog and you even know what you want to say. But you're struggling with  how to get your content out in a digestible way. 

Or, you don't have time to get your content scheduled and keep getting behind each month.  What's made me successful on my social channels is not only how I've implemented my strategy and talk to my audience. But also the tools I use to stay organized and automate my content. So I'm not sitting on my phone all day.
Who wants that? 

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Hear it from others. . . 

"Hiring Aimee for social media support and execution was one of the BEST things that I've done to grow my business! First off, she has such a wonderful, positive energy about her that makes it so easy to work with her. Second, I was struggling to consistently create new content, grow my community, and get paid partnerships. As a result of working with her, she increased my followers by 15%, secured paid partnerships that were aligned with my brand, executed and inspired new monthly content, and pushed me outside of my comfort zone with creating new content (ie Reels.) Not only that, but she made the social media creation process a lot less daunting + stressful and allowed me more time to focus on my clients and creating new programs. I can't recommend Aimee enough for social media support as she will take this critical, but time consuming task off your plate and execute it flawlessly so you can keep building your empire!
-- Jacquie, @LittleAdaptsByJax

Aimee is a social media pro and I'm so honored she took me in as a client! I love how knowledgeable and passionate Aimee is about sustainability AND social media – she's exactly what I need! In addition to her skills and experience, she's great at keeping me accountable. I love Aimee's work, I'm happy to know her, and I'm excited about all the amazing work she's doing in the Columbus community and beyond! Cheers to you, Aimee!
-- Dana, @ThymeandDetails

Social Media Strategy In collaboration with RL Studio Copywriting: 
"You both were so incredibly collaborative and communicative. I loved that you two could work autonomously and would bring me ideas. The level of organization, on-time delivery, and reporting. Before you two, I felt like I had to hand-hold every step of the process. You both made my company come alive with a brand story and plugged away at all of the tasks to make that happen. We grew in visibility and engagement from a social media standpoint.  Excellent to work with. Invested in my success. Thoughtful. Goes above and beyond."
 -- Jess Prima, @Curiogo

“It was great to get more streamlined with my posting and understanding hashtags. The deck is extremely helpful to refer to when I want to review what we discussed. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone wanted to better understand how to use their instagram! I enjoyed working with Aimee.”
-- Haley Reeb, @Haleyreebhair

The intensive was extremely helpful. Not only did you take the time to start with the basics for me, but once I was getting the hang of things, you were able to advance the material to help me take it to the next level. I really appreciate your attention to detail and your thorough deep dive into our page that you were able to tailor the next steps to best fit our situation. I absolutely feel that I am better equipped to run our Instagram because of this intensive and understand things more so that I can do it more efficiently as well! You killed it Aimee and I would/will recommend this service to anyone who needs it!
 -- Nicole Dickinson, @stayfedfarms

I did the instagram intensive and had aimee for social media execution. Her support was so valuable. she was really patient and kind helping me get to know the aspects of instagram. She's incredibly knowledgable and professional when it came to working with my content. she's organized and really showed me how much social media can impact your business when you use it affectively. I would definitely recommend her support and am excited for another opportunity to work together in the future. 
-- Anna kern, @Annaeliseaesthetics

I love our monthly check-in! I find your knowledge and support so helpful to navigate the ever changing social media world. Your consistent wealth of knowledge about social media, your ability to walk me through troubles. Your availability to respond to questions when they arrive is why i need this service every month. I'm hooked and would definitely recommend for anyone who needs someone to hold them accountable to share their business on social media successfully.
 -- April, @Forgotten and Found

I did Aimee's Instagram Intensive and Monthly Check-in. I found aimee's support Incredibly valuable! I had never used the instagram platform prior to working with Aimee. She was able to help break down information behind the platform for me in a way that was digestible, collaborative and easy to follow. Personally, I have my attention tied up in a many different directions. Aimee was able to help keep me focused and engaged in our strategy. Weekly task emails are SO helpful. Additionally, Aimee makes herself available on a variety of platforms, given her own busy schedule matched with my own, I felt like I could reach out to her and get the answer I needed. as I find others that have trouble with their own social pages. I’ll continue to recommend Aimee!
-- Nomsa Yvonne Yoga, @nomsayvonneyoga 

Aimee has been absolutely amazing to work with! She is both intentional and creative when it comes to the support she provides, and everything is thoughtfully catered to me and my needs throughout the entire process. She takes the guess work out and teaches as she goes so I am able to apply what I've learned with confidence. I would one million % recommend her support for you and your business! 
-- Sara, @wildehomedecor