15 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

Happy Holidays! Can you believe its already November. This year flew by. But with everything we’ve been through maybe the holidays aren’t such a bad thing, they give us the joy and cheer we need after these last few years so get those decorations out and stocking stuffers ready!

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for Anyone

I’ve been getting my new apartment furnished and this will be my second holiday season in it! So cue all the holiday decorations for Chrismukkah! Hang those stockings or put out the dreidels and fill them with all the fun eco-friendly gifts for loved ones. Here are some easy, affordable stocking stuffers for all gender descriptions. These are meant to get people started on their waste-free journey or add to it.

This blog post contains affiliate links, I may be compensated if you choose to purchase using them.
I curated this list after using all these products, because I love them. Update for November 2021.

1. Wood Reusable Cutlery Set

Great for travel, camping or avoiding plastic cutlery when you are out and about. To-Go-Ware has a little clip perfect for any bag or backpack. You can see more options here.

2. Leaf Shave Razor (gender neutral)

A metal razor is great way to reduce waste. Bathroom waste contributes to a lot of our plastic problem since many items are a combination of materials. I like Leaf Shave since it has a flexible head which is great for knees and curves. This post shows you how to use the razor if you’re curious.  (#sponsored)

3. Recycled Leather Coin Purse

A great addition to any purse or bag to keep cash or cards organized. Tree Fair Fax makes leather goods from recycled leather and loves to keep their imperfections so everything is one-of-a-kind. A perfect stocking stuffer because its small and lightweight.

4. Clean Fragrance

A touch of scent makes for a great stocking stuffer. Sustainable fragrances are great dresser decoration and even come in small sizes for travel (once it resumes). I love St-Rose, since its gender fluid, affordable and they are a transparent company.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Yep, thats going to become our norm but best to find ones in glass to reuse the bottle. The Bubula small business out of New York has the right idea and even gives you a refillable bottle so you don’t have to throw it away. This stocking stuffer will definitely be useful way past the holiday season.

6. Gift card – Shop Earth Hero, Kokotheshop, Sistain, Reuse Revolution

Great for those not sure what they need for their journey or want to support small business right now and save for later.


7. Collapsible Cup

I love Stojo because they make it easy to carry on-the-go, to my local shop (if they’re allowing reusables) and it lasts! They comes in an array of colors and sizes to fit your needs. You can even put it in the dishwasher (top shelf – don’t put the lid in).

8. Wax Wraps

Food storage made easy for of all kinds. They come in different sizes and last up 180 uses (even longer when properly taken care of). I’ve been using Etee Wraps (AIMEE10 DISCOUNT) but if you prefer neutrals Sistain and Earth Hero has some as well.

9. Loose Leaf Tea or Coffee

Who doesn’t love tea or coffee? Find your favorite in a tin or compostable bag; with so many flavors to choose from you can’t go wrong.  SF Bay Coffee is delicious and sustainably sourced that comes in compostable packaging *If you don’t have a compost, then aluminum tins like Forage and Sown are wonderful for tea drinkers.

10. Natural Soy Wax Candle

North + 29 and Forgotten and Found are my favorite. They both come in beautiful jars or glasses that you can reuse after the candle melts down.

11. Bite Tooth bites and Bamboo Toothbrush

Remember when your parents used to stuff toothbrush or gum as a little extra gift? Get the updated cooler version with this eco-friendly, travel-easy pairing. Bite Toothpaste bits are dried toothpaste that make plastic-free teeth-care easy. I love this bamboo toothbrush, it was the very first certified 100% compostable toothbrush. You get 4 for $20 so they lasts all year and can be put in the compost or used to clean crevices when done. Aimee10 gets you a discount!

12. Wood Brush and Soap Holder

This is great for any kitchen sink and cleaning – They’ll be so surprised how long it last! I’ve had my wood brush and castille soap over 6 months, how long does that ickky sponge last?

13. Menstrual Cup

For her, small discreet cup and the best plastic-free period she’ll be able to use this up to 10 years with the proper care! Mahina Cup has been taking my period plastic-free for almost 2 years now and I have no problems. The buttery silicone makes it gentle and comfortable. Alila is such a kind soul if you ever have any questions on how to use it. Use AIMEE10 for a discount.

14. Therapy Anxiety Journal

Let’s be real 2020 has been a doozy. And writing down thoughts is a great way to de-stress and stay calm. I was gifted this Therapy Notebook and it has really helped me. Use this link for 10% off or sustainablyaimee10.

15. Clean Beauty

Easy, gender neutral and who doesn’t love a little makeup.  Fine Feathershop is my favorite and its local to me in Columbus, but you can also shop online. *Bonus, she has a take back program for your empty plastic containers, you can read about it here.

These are great for anyone who wants to start, continue or elevate their plastic-free living journey! Any questions or comments about other products that should be featured. Let me know 🙂

Not sure how to start your journey? Read about my first Plastic-Free July in 2018 and how I made the jump.