10 Products for Your Plastic Free Journey

You’ve seen countless photos and videos sharing the destruction plastic has done to our waters. You go to the grocery store and the aisles are lined with plastic. Plastic covered hard plastic. Plastic covered fruit, veg, meat, its overwhelming. Never fear babes, there are many little changes that you can adapt to help reduce plastic now!  I have made a list of 10 products to invest in to live plastic-free and these are all habits I do myself almost every single day.

This list is created with affiliate links. I may make a small commission for any purchases made through these links. I use these websites myself and love the variety of products!


1. Reusable Bottle

Carry it with you at all times. We need water to survive so this one should seem easy although there has been ONE situation where I found myself bottle-less and my only option was to ask for a plastic cup or plastic bottle. I only forgot to bring my reusable bottle once! It fits great in a purse or backpack.


2. Reusable Canvas Bag

A canvas bag is great to avoid plastic bags. Even at fashion retailers, you can use your canvas bag. They fold up small to store in a bag, car, etc. Just remember to always so “no I don’t need a plastic bag.” *If you forget yours, ask for paper.*


3. Reusable Straw

I didn’t realize how many straws I was given/offered until I refused them. Paper is becoming more common but if you don’t like the feel of paper, invest in a metal one. They make your drinks much colder and more enjoyable.

4. Reusable Cup

Okay so we have 3 things in our bag already with the above, I know that is a lot so I try to ASK for a glass/ceramic cup when I go for tea or coffee otherwise I have a collapsible cup that I carry with me.

5. Wax Wraps

Use AIMEE 10 – This one of the best ways to store your leftovers. I bought a set of wax wraps in September (2018)  and they are still going strong (May 2020). Think about how many boxes of cling wrap you won’t need to buy! You can see how I use mine, here.


Use AIMEE10 for a discount! No paid affiliate link www.shopetee.com

6. Silicone Zip Lock Bags

This might be my favorite because they can be stored in your fridge, freezer, and even personal bag to hold snacks. You can easily wash them (natural soap and lay out to dry, or top shelf of dishwasher) and reuse for years! A great way to reduce your plastic now.


7. Reusable razor

A great way to avoid the plastic razors that end up in a landfill. There are now very safe plastic-free alternatives and keeping this clean, it will be the last razor you every buy.

8. Aluminum Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles/ Shampoo Bars

The beauty industry is one of the largest waste creators with new products being released every day. A shampoo bar is great when traveling or opting for products in aluminum containers that you can reuse. Learn more about my experience here with plaine products.


Use Code AIMEE for a discount (no affiliate link) on Plaine Products

9. Fruit and Veg Net Bags

Skip those pesky produce bags. Net bags are great for shopping with and storing vegetables in the fridge.


10. To-go cutlery set

I love this because I know I can avoid plastic utensils always! Mine have chopsticks, spoon, knife, and fork in a great little package. I love that it has a hook so I can take it with me on any purse or bag.


With these products, you are sure to reduce your waste and feel good about your plastic-free journey. I hope you see these as investment pieces and think of the savings because you only need to purchase them one time.

Interested in more plastic-free tips, this page has heaps of reviews and products!