Q&A Menstruation with Mahina Cup

When I first shared about the Mahina menstrual cup, I only just began using one in February of 2019. I was a small bud, blossoming into a flower, if you want to get metaphorical. I used the cup for 2 cycles and felt good about it but NOW almost a year later I am a confident flower when it comes to my cup. Alright I’m done.

But honestly,

I want to share some common questions about menstrual cups and who better to answer them than the owner and creator of my cup, Alila from Mahina Cup. Use code AIMEE10 to purchase one for yourself!



Alila built Mahina Cup grass roots + from the ground up. 

“I was traveling India back in 2011 and my own menstrual cup at the time was like precious gold! The more I traveled, the more I realized the need for menstrual cups globally for both travelers and locals. Firstly travelers through India and other 3rd world countries quickly discovered the lack and limitation of menstrual supplies. So you either have to wing it or somehow fit a 6 month supply of tampons in your backpack.

I was living with a beautiful local sister at the time. She would complain every month how the boys would make fun of her with her massive diaper-like rags as a make shift pad. There was so much shame. I just saw a need. So I began to import menstrual cups by the 20s (as I could afford them basically) into India. I would pay the local women to sew cotton bags to put them in. I literally was selling menstrual cups out of my backpack to travelers and educating and gifting them to the locals. When I landed in Hawaii 6 months later, I was still selling them out of my backpack and not my basket at the beach and festivals. Once I began getting them on the shelves it was a steep learning curve regarding packaging, UPC codes, informations inserts and all the F.D.A regulations. The business itself has always kept me moving forward, not the other way around. It has always shown me that menstrual cups are something that the world needs and I was given the gift to share them.”

April’s full moon (April 7th) we hosted an Instagram LIVE to help give woman an opportunity to speak openly about menstrual cups. And with it being Earth Week I want you all to feel comfortable making this switch for a better self during your moon cycle.


What is a menstrual cup? 

A menstrual cup is a reusable, bell-shaped cup that is worn internally and sits snugly in the vaginal canal, just below the cervix, that collects the blood during a woman’s time of menstruation.

What is the Mahina Cup made out of?

Mahina Cup is produced from the highest quality health-grade class VI silicone that is safe to use and easy to clean. It’s non-porous so nothing is released and nothing is absorbed!

What is the best way to insert the cup? 

The Tulip Technique! With one finger, push down on the side edge all the way to the bottom. Your Mahina Cup will form the shape of a tulip. Take your tulip in your dominant hand, holding at the base with your thumb and first finger. Get into a comfortable squat position, exhale, and slowly insert into the vaginal canal. Be sure to place the whole thing inside! Once it’s inside, run your finger along the rim to be sure it’s fully open and to ensure it’s suctioned properly give a little tug at the base with your thumb and first finger and that’s it! 

How do I take it out so it doesn’t hurt? 

Take a deep breath in order to relax your muscles and get into a comfortable position. Take out Mahina Cup by squeezing the base and slowly pulling down in a zigzag-motion. The squeezing allows some air to enter the cup, allowing it to come out easier.  Be sure not to tilt the cup until you are ready to empty it, while removing the base of the cup pull straight down so as to not accidentally spill your blood.

How does the cup hold up if you are super active like running, swimming, and doing yoga? 

Great! Mahina Cup is perfect for activities! With proper suction, you can run, swim, stand on your head, and twist as much as you desire, knowing the Mahina Menstrual Cup has got you covered. You won’t even know it’s there!

What if I need to remove it in the public restroom? Or When I’m out?

There are a few options if you need to change your Mahina Menstrual Cup while you’re out in public.

  1. Bring a water bottle into the stall with you so you can rinse out your cup and put her back in. 
  2. Wipe out your cup with toilet paper and reinsert.
  3. Take your Mahina Menstrual Cup proudly to the sink and tell any sisters, who glance over curiously, about her. 

The main thing to remember, is your blood is safe to be inside you. If you have a lighter clean, while out and about, make sure to give your Mahina Menstrual Cup a proper rinse when you return back to a home or private bathroom.

How often do you need to change it during cycles?

You can wear a Mahina Cup for 12 hours, take it out, rinse it, and pop it right back in!

What if my flow is very heavy and I work long hours without the possibility of a bathroom break?

We would recommend a Super Moon – Size 2 for really heavy flows, especially if you’re working long hours. Since it is perfectly safe to wear for 12 hours, you don’t have to worry about changing it on a schedule like a tampon! 

When you first start using the cup, we recommend checking it every 4-5 hours to see how full it is, but once you know the time frame for your heaviest days, you’ll be good to go! 

How do you clean it? 

It is very important to sterilize Mahina Cup before using it. This is best done by boiling it in a pot of water for three to five minutes. This is a very safe way of killing bacteria. During your menstruation you can rinse the cup with cool water from the tap when you empty it and re-insert it. When there is any blood in the cup, cool water is best, as using hot water increases the chance of staining your cup.

[Hydrogen peroxide soak helps removes stains as well.]

Is it one size fits all?

No! We have three sizes of Mahina Cup and the best size for you depends on your age, amount of flow, location of cervix, pregnancy, and virginity! There’s a size guide quiz on our website 🙂

Ahh, don’t you feel better getting all this out in the open.  THESE are the most common questions I get when sharing a menstrual cup. AND, I will note the type of silicone is very important. Not all are created equal and Mahina Cup uses a buttery soft silicone so its very comfortable to use. Do you want to try one out? Use code AIMEE10 for your very own cup.

Interested in learning WHY I made the switch to a cup, read all about it here.

Happy Earth Week!