The Plastic-Free Razor For You

The last razor you will ever buy. Now that seems crazy but that’s that mission with Leafshave. They reinvented the plastic-free razor so you never have to buy a disposable one again. Many razors are a mixture of plastic, steel, and rubber. One razor can contain up to 60 parts (depending on complexity) to create. You can imagine the nightmare to recycle properly. According to the EPA, there are nearly 2 billion razors thrown away in a landfill each year. That number shouldn’t come as a shock because of how often a razor is replaced. If you buy a cheap bunch you end up replacing them after only a few shaves.

Who is Leafshave?

Green Razors

This post is sponsored by Leaf Shave, however, all opinions are my own.


I had been introduced to the plastic-free razor Leafshave through social media and I loved the flexible head. Other safety razors or straight razors intimidated me as you had to be very careful about the angle of the shave. And replacing the blades seemed more dangerous than shaving itself. Shaving legs and intimate regions I wanted something that I felt comfortable using. Can you imagine a nic “down there”, OUCH! After my first week using the Leafshave razor, I was hooked. You can choose up to 3 blades to customize your shave.

It is easy to assemble the blades, the flexible head makes it so I can shave over curved areas like knees with ease. Also, there is no plastic what-so-ever. This is an investment piece, but worth it. I won’t be contributing to landfill waste or spending money on a razor that doesn’t last longer than a month.

How to Assemble

  1. The blades are packaged in a box individually wrapped in wax paper so you don’t cut yourself. You simply fold along the middle to break the blade in half and place it on the razor.
  2. Each flap of the razor is held together with a simple screwed-in knob. Turn the knob left to loosen the flaps and put the blades on one by one. It can use up to three blades.
  3. Store outside the shower and smile knowing you will never have to buy a disposable razor again.

You can shop the different plastic-free bundles here and the razors come in many different colors for him and for her.

*I advise getting the starter bundle as having the blade disposal container is very handy and I can take them to my local recycling to be disposed of properly once it is full.

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