Conscience Coffee

The sweet aroma of a cup of coffee brewing instantly wakes up my senses. No matter the time of year, I like to start my day with coffee. This fall I am partnering with SF Bay Coffee to share their story and delicious, sustainable blends with you.

Who is this conscious coffee?

Based in San Francisco, the Rogers Family started SF Bay Coffee in 1979. Coffee for this family is not just a job, it’s their way of life. The family-owned business has a hand in all aspects of production. From working with their farmers, to hand – packaging blends, three generations of the family make this business successful and forward-thinking.

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SF Bay Coffee

Where does SF Bay source their beans?

SF Bay has over 32,000 farmers all over the world sourcing the best quality beans. From Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Indonesia, the list goes on as to where you can find their farms. Although their farmers are far away, they are continuously treated like family. SF Bay Coffee makes sure their farms and farmers have the agricultural tools, and living facilities they need to be successful in both growing coffee and raising their own families. They do this by providing assistance to their farmers and making sure they have the best equipment and best quality crops. 

Okay, coffee time

I’ve been lucky enough to try a few different blends this fall from regions around the world. I love their breakfast and Kona, Hawaii blend, it transports me back to the Big Island after enjoying a morning swim. I would dry off and sip my coffee watching the waves roll in.  You can order whole bean, ground, or even in commercially compostable one-cups! Yes, you read that right. SF Bay Coffee has plant-made commercially compostable OneCups. They work great with a Keurig machine Dand not only are they delicious, but you also don’t have to worry about them ending up in a landfill. (Just make sure they go to a commercial compost). They are working on a home compost solution in the future!

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**No compost facility near you, no worries – save all them in the bag and ship them in a paper box to the one closest to you.**

SF Bay Coffee

How do they give back?

When you support SF BAY Coffee you are helping a family-owned business, while also uplifting their farmer’s communities. Poverty is common within the coffee community, and they want to help change this as much as they can. They have built 63 schools, 1,775  housing complexes, and have given over 10 million coffee trees to their own farmers. The 4 pillars of their business are:

  1. To pay their workers above the cost of production.
  2. Work to improve the quality and quantity of coffee that farmers produce.
  3. Improve the social conditions of the farms.
  4. Improve the social conditions of the community.

Conscious Coffee

SF Bay Coffee

Sustainable Initiatives

This is coffee with a conscience. They are making efforts to reduce water waste by using wet mills versus other mills that tend to use a substantial amount of water. They are conscious about reducing plastic and waste where they can when sending, and packaging to customers. SF Bay Coffee is working toward home compostable and paper options for 2020. These are some of the many reasons I love this company. It doesn’t just taste delicious, but The Roger’s Family knows it’s important to keep the planet in mind with every cup.

Coffee makes a great gift any time of year. For you or your friends and family. Use code AIMEE15 for a discount.



*This review is sponsored by SF Bay Coffee. All opinions are 100% my own*

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