Choose Menstrual Cups

Ladies we have to talk about something that seems to be more of a hush-hush topic. Periods and the amount of waste they generate. We use a tampon and throw it away and don’t really think about what happens to it when it hits the rubbish bin. Not to mention the applicator and even the wrapping are single-use. An average of 11,000 tampons is used by one woman in her lifetime and could take centuries to break down when it sits in a landfill. This is why it is so important we all ditch the tampons and pads and opt for the menstrual cup

Rewind 6 months ago where I hear about the menstrual cup and start to question my current tampon use. During one cycle I could use a whole box of tampons, 25 tampons over the course of one week. Since starting menstruation that is over 350 tampons a year. Seriously?!! And I will still have my moon cycle for the next 25 years.

I also learn that the tampon actually tends to dry out the vaginal environment and can change the pH levels which is worse for our natural defense against bacteria. Not to mention the worry about T.S.S. (Toxic Shock Syndrome) Okay, I’m convinced to try the cup.

After researching which are the most ideal and how it works. The Mahina Cup sparked my interest and was referred by a friend so I browse the website and  I select my size. Alila, the owner was very helpful in making sure I felt comfortable with my choice. She even provided me a how-to page of a demonstration once my menstrual cup arrives and is ready for use.

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Mahina Menstrual Cup

Pre-Period Care for Menstrual Cup

It is important to sterilize the menstrual cup by boiling it in water for 3-5 minutes

Sterilizing Menstrual Cup


This page is really helpful in showing you how to use the cup.

Give it a Go

Alila told me to try in the shower that way I don’t drop it in the toilet, that would not be ideal. It’s important to relax when inserting the menstrual cup.

  • I take a deep breathe and follow the instructions on how to fold the cup and insert it.
  • At first, the suction is a little weird but that means it has created a strong seal.
  • It’s important to run your finger around the outside to make sure it is fully expanded and won’t allow for leakage.
  • You should not be able to feel it. So I do a little test by sitting down and am pleasantly surprised that I can’t feel the cup at all.

I wear a little toilet paper as a liner to make sure it is secure and no leakage through the day. I go about my day like normal but I do think about the cup since this is a new experience.

Taking it Out

On the first day after 3-4 hours, I gently take it out. I take a deep breath out and gently pinch the bottom of the cup (not the stem) and in a zig-zag motion pull down so a little air fills the menstrual cup to remove the suction from me. After removing the cup entirely and carefully dump it into the toilet, give it a little wipe (or rinse with cold water if the sink is close and I’m at home), and then re-insert the cup.


Menstrual Cup

1 week Test

Fast forward the next few days I am able to use the cup no problem, I can leave it in for up to 12 hours. During the night I had no leaks and woke up so happy knowing I wasn’t using a tampon where I was afraid of TSS by keeping it in too long. I actually felt my cycle was lighter because the menstrual cup was catching the blood, not absorbing it! Who knows those days when you check a tampon but it’s not fully used up? You have to throw that one away and opt for a new one. So wasteful.

Menstrual Cup

I finish my cycle, sterilize the cup again and store in my beautiful little pouch for next month’s flow.

Final Thoughts

No tampons used, no unnecessary pads or wraps in the bin. NO WASTE. I smiled thinking this is going to be awesome. So pleased with my experience over the week, I felt so comfortable and not afraid of this cup at all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My only regret is why didn’t I try it sooner.

Interested in trying it out? Use code AIMEE10 to purchase your Mahina Cup and your body will thank you.

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