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I was standing in the bathroom taking off my makeup when I looked down and realized how many small cotton pads I had used. There were at least two lying on the counter. One for my face and neck and one for my eyes. Multiply that times 365 days and that is a lot of waste created from one person. Now think about how many people do this every single day…crazy right? Marleys Monsters is here to help us reduce that number by 100% with their reusable makeup pads.

I am always researching new products we can all use to be more eco-friendly. Specifically when it comes to food, clothing, travel and now skincare products. Another major contributor to our landfill and oceans is the makeup industry.

Many people wear some sort of facial makeup every single day and use a makeup remover at night. Regardless if it is with a wipe, cotton ball or cotton pad, something is used to clean off their makeup and it is used once, thrown in the bin, and ends up in a landfill.

Reusable Makeup Pads

After doing some research to find a better alternative I came across Marleys Monsters, an online shop for reusable products and baby goods.  I was very keen to try their reusable facial rounds.  They can be used to remove makeup and dirt. You can throw them in the wash and reuse them again and again — replacing cotton pads, balls, and wipes entirely.

Reusable Makeup Pads

20 Organic Cotton Facial Rounds + Laundry Bag


-I applied my makeup remover (micellar water) to the reusable makeup pad and it started to bead up and run off. This happened to a few rounds using the water.

-I switched to organic coconut oil and it was much better at taking off makeup. Not to mention better for my skin too.  I used the pad all over my face and then discarded the dirty pad in the mesh laundry bag ready to be washed.

Reusable Makeup Pads


-I first soaked them in hydrogen peroxide to treat the stains. I then washed them in the washing machine and used warm water.

Reusable Makeup Pads

-To be honest, I was expecting the stains to be removed entirely but that did not happen. They did feel clean but they were no longer pristine white.

-I was told to rinse the reusable makeup pads with water after removing my makeup each time. This helped to reduce some of the stains.

-I laid them flat to dry and they were ready to be used again!

Reusable Makeup Pads

Final Thoughts

I’ve continued using the reusable makeup pads for the past few weeks and I’ve learned that they are a great eco-friendly alternative! They’re very handy to have while traveling as well. My only recommendation for you is to go with a darker color so the stains are not as visible. I will continue to research more stain products but I definitely will not be buying plastic wrapped cotton pads anymore.

Reusable Make Pads

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