5 Green Holiday Tips

The table cloths are placed, dishes are set and the center of the table is reserved for all the traditional holiday dishes. This time of year is a lot of fun. It’s a silly season to drink, eat and celebrate with friends and family. But the truth is a lot of waste is created from food and parties this time of year. So how can we reduce our waste? I’m here to help! Here are a few green holiday tips to help us all.

The best part about these tips are that everyone can adopt them for any occasion.

1. Shop With Reusable Bags

green holiday tips

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

I may sound like a broken record telling you to carry reusables, but going to the grocery store with reusable bags and produce bags does eliminate a huge portion of plastic that comes home with you. You can keep them in your car so you don’t forget to bring them in when you shop.

2. Set the Table Using Ceramic, Bamboo, or Compostable Dish Ware

Green Holiday Tips

Sometimes people prefer plates that can be tossed in the bin when it comes to hosting dinner parties around the holidays. It is easier to throw away than letting dishes pile up in the sink, especially for large parties. So you can get back to entertaining your friends and still be eco-friendly is to purchase a stack of bamboo or compostable platesThey are sturdy and can be recycled and/or composted, a green holiday tip for everyone.

3. Cloth Napkins

Green Holiday Tips

Many times people use paper napkins decorated with festive holiday designs for entertaining. While they are not plastic, the wrapping they come in is. To avoid killing trees and using plastic altogether try using cloth napkins. Here are some affordable options.

4. Use Wax Wraps or Reusable Containers When Storing Leftovers

Green Holiday TIps

Wax wraps are great because they come in many different sizes and can be reused after washing them with natural soap. Etee Food Wraps are a product I have been using for a few months now and love how versatile they are. They’re perfect for covering food in dish ware and wrapping up snacks!  You can learn all about them here.

5. Use Bins to Separate Food Waste, Paper, and Garbage

I have been at my fair share of holiday gatherings where people throw everything into one bin and it ends up in a landfill. Now, most cities have a local service to pick up food scraps for compost, all you have to do is put scraps in a bin for pickup.

  • Check your local compost service requirements because they may have specific instructions. You can find your city’s compost service here.
  • Make sure the food bin has a lid

And last but not least, enjoy! This time of year is a great time for celebrations. I hope this green holiday tip list helps you celebrate in a way that eliminates waste, not fun!

Questions?  New to the plastic free lifestyle, here is how I got started.


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