Etee Food Wraps – No More Plastic Cling Wrap

Hey Guys! I want to share another eco friendly product to help reduce our plastic use. Not only it is better for the earth but it will also extend the life of our food. Meet ETEE – a Canadian company that is showing people how to skip the plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags when storing perishable food.

ETEE stands for Everything Touches Everything Else. Especially when it comes to storing food, plastic wrap is used to wrap up fruits, nuts, vegetables, on top of bowls of leftovers, always surrounding our food.  So why do we use a product made out of Polyvinylidene Chloride or Low-Density Polyethylene to cover our food? I like my ingredients all natural. Plastic wrap, cling, saran wrap, what ever you want to call it is made by melting down plastic grounds, yuck! You can read about the whole chemical process of plastic wrap here.

After finding ETEE, I was so keen to try their natural food wraps. Learning they are made of fabric blended hemp, from organic cotton infused with USDA Certified Organic Beeswax, coniferous tree resin, non-gmo soy wax, organic jojoba oil, organic cinnamon essential oil and organic clove essential oil. All natural ingredients that allow our food to breathe even when stored.

They feel like fabric until you activate them which then produces a tacky feeling, allowing them to stick to themselves. You can use them on your own bowls, they’re easy to clean and reuse up to 150 times. Think about how many rolls of plastic wrap we would eliminate by using wax food wraps 🙂 use code AIMEE10 for a discount on your first pack here.

ETEE FOOD WRAPS from Sustainably Aimee on Vimeo.

Steps to Use

Open up wrap

Scrunch up wrap into a little ball. It will start to feel sticky and tacky in your hands.

Next, unwrap and place on top of dish covering all sides

Using hands fold the wrap over the dish so it touches itself around the bowl and creates a seal

Press all over with your hands to secure and seal even tighter

Voila! Put away in fridge or take with you to go and  feel happy you don’t have to use plastic crap, I mean wrap*