Re/Done Denim – Worn 3 Different Ways

 Winter is coming in these parts of the world, which means tan lines are fading and jeans are becoming an outfit staple. But this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a new pair of jeans for every day of the week. That’s not very Earth friendly, is it? Why not take an older pair of jeans, restore and revamp them for different looks? Now that’s sustainability and style all in one. Re/Done is doing just that – think your favorite pair of vintage Levis that you wore into the ground, but reborn.

Did you know it takes anywhere from 700-1,800 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for ONE pair of jeans? Buying a new pair all the time wastes hundreds of gallons of water. So the eco-heroes at Re/Done are switching up the game by taking worn Levis, holding onto each pair’s story and one-of-a-kinda character and then finally up-cycling them to extend their life. Founders, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazzur want to show people that heritage brands can still be relevant in today’s fashion world. And what’s not to love about these jeans? Well, see for yourself.

Sustainable Denim

The High Rise Stove Pipe in Black is the perfect pant to wear from day to night, whether your grabbing coffee with mates or out on the town. Which look is your favorite?

Sustainable Denim

Re/Done’s Logo Tee ties this whole casual look together 

Coffee Time

Columbus Coffee

Easton Town Center

ReDone Denim

Downtown Columbus


Photos by: Emma Kate Low

Jeans and Logo Tee: Re/Done Denim

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Blank Slate Coffee

Easton Town Center