4Ocean – Cleaning Oceans One Bracelet at a time

I receive many questions about how people can help clean beaches even when they cannot reach one. Simple. Support companies that do have the ability to clean and you are giving them the tools they need to succeed. 4Ocean cleans a pound of trash from the shores every time someone purchase’s a bracelet. 

The Story

It all started with two men who were visiting one of the most beautiful surf spots in the world, Bali Indonesia. When they reach the beach ready to take on the surf they are greeted with something unexpected. Oceans filled with plastic, beaches covered in waste, and even when locals clean them, everyday new garbage is pushed back out on the shore because of the tides. Finally they knew they wanted to do something about it.

[Video from 4Ocean]

What They Do

The company hosts clean ups all over the world as a result removing over 1.5 million pounds of plastic along the coastlines. Not only are they helping our planet they are providing hundreds of jobs to locals helping as well.

How They Make Bracelets

Each bracelet they sell is made from recycled materials. The cord is made from plastic bottles and the beads are made from recycled glass. Each bracelet only costs $20, is water proof and a pound of trash is removed in the process. Something you can wear all the time and a reminder you are helping our coastlines.

There are 9 different cord colors to choose from online.  Depending on the color of the cord it will also help a specific animal too. Animals like sharks, turtles, polar bears, and the most recent addition to their collection manatees and seabirds, are all feeling the affects of plastic pollution. Because marine life ingests the broken down plastic pieces, this endangers their population more than ever. The company is making strides to support animals as well as oceans.

I am excited to partner with 4Ocean because I know building brand awareness and purchasing the bracelets will only make them more successful and keep our beaches clean.

After I visited Bali, I feel that their efforts are definitely working and recognizable. All the beaches I have visited are clean or people are reminded to take their trash with them. I even saw other travelers wearing the 4Ocean bracelet and am excited to see people helping the cause. Finally, something that everyone can be apart of to help our oceans.