How to host a zero waste dinner party

Happy National Taco day! Yep that’s a thing and any excuse to have Mexican food, I am all for it.  I wanted to host a dinner party to celebrate but also prepare for the event as plastic free as possible. Was I successful? Read on to find out. 

It is no problem decorating a dinner space plastic free because the cutlery is metal and the dish and glassware are ceramic or glass. However the true test comes at the grocery story gathering ingredients for each dish. I head to the shops with my reusable bags in hand determined to not stray.

All the produce I need is bare and free of plastic.  I gather the beautiful selection of tomatoes, onion, avocado and cilantro found at Fresh Thyme. Some decorative pumpkins are on sale which is perfect for a Fall center piece of the table.

Next item is rice – I head to the bulk section where customers can pour their desired amount of nuts, beans, rice, lentils, and something to satisfy your sweet tooth! Unfortunately small plastic bags and plastic containers are the only options but remember my reusable produce bags I bought from whole foods? (Click here, scroll down and see) I brought them with me and use them to hold my rice.

Finally, I head to the butcher to select fresh meat over what is wrapped in styrofoam and plastic in the meat section. I can get the exact quantity I’d like in paper and leave with a smile.

Last but not least I pick up refried beans, taco shells and tortillas, and both are sold in cans and a paper box, respectively.  Leaving with my reusable bags and not one bit of plastic I head home to prepare dinner for my guests.

I was too busy creating each dish I did not take photos of the process. So for each dish I make sure to recycle paper boxes and save all scraps of food for use in a new meal.  We’ll skip to the fun part; setting the table.

I could live on guacamole :p

My beautiful sustainable bowl and tongs are perfect for any dish. Handmade from Acacia Creations

Adding the final touches and we are ready to enjoy!

Overall it was very doable to create a meal plastic free, HOWEVER one thing I did not take into consideration is my leftovers..but don’t worry I have a new and affordable way to store leftovers in the fridge plastic free, stay tuned!


Sustainably Aimee