Bali – Jeeva Klui Eco Resort Lombok

With my yoga retreat finished the next stop was Lombok. While there, we are staying at an amazing Eco resort in the North. I met my friend Celia at the Serangan port and we took the ferry together. We booked our fast ferry through Blue Water Express for a two hour journey stopping at Nusa Lembongan, Gili Trawangan, and Lombok.

We arrive to the port at sunrise and are greeted by their friendly staff. (Transportation from the hotel can be arranged through the ferry company). It was easy to locate, the staff spoke great English, and the ferry ride over only seemed like a short flight. There are hot towels provided for each guest, water, snacks, and even a movie plays for viewers to watch. Celia and I felt very relaxed and spent the whole time catching up. Before we kn0w it we arrive to Lombok port and are driven to Jeeva Klui Eco Resort.

Greeted by the lovely staff, we are introduced to the hotel and since check in was not for a few hours we were happy to lounge by the pool and take in the views.

We could not stop smiling. I mean look at this view! Celia and I check into our room overlooking the ocean.  We know it will be an amazing place to watch the sunset. Each room has a canopy style bed, refrigerator, station for coffee and tea, and beautiful amenities. We were happy to unpack and call this place home for the next week.

We spend the first day exploring the property and of course find so many beautiful spots. A spa, private adult pool, gym, restaurant, area for yoga, private villa and pool for larger reservations. Just a few feet down you can dip your toes in the salt water. The resort itself is made from recycled natural materials and is one of the first in Lombok to recycle water to use in their gardens.

I wont lie, we embrace the sloth life. We wake up at sunrise, practice our yoga, eat breaky by the sea, relax by the pool, and swim in the ocean the first few days. It was total relaxation. Not to mention, the food is amazing. Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m., afternoon tea and cookies served from 4-5 p.m. and even happy hour drinks at 6 p.m. What’s not to enjoy? Different menus are provided from traditional Balinese, Western food, to even vegetarian options which make it easy to find something delicious for every meal. At each meal we became more familiar with the staff and we look forward to seeing them each day.

(The whole resort uses paper straws, yay!)

(Sunscreen is a must in this heat and We Are Feel Good Inc uses ingredients that do not harm the reefs)

Most nights we watch the sunset and just stand in awe. We could see Mt. Agung in the distance.

Don’t worry, we did actually leave the resort to explore a little of North Lombok. We took a day trip to see the famous Tiu Kelip and Sendang Gile Waterfalls. We stopped at picturesque views, passed the rice paddies and neighbouring villages along the way. There are very few tourists in the North so it truly feels like we had left Bali and escaped to a secluded paradise. Click here to see the pictures of the beautiful falls.

After our waterfall trek we were were keen for a spa day. So we had arranged massages, pedicures, and a milk bath while we were there. I was interested in the milk baths after learning that the ingredients are great for your skin, and with frangipanis placed on top, it looks beautiful too. My pedicure was done using lime and sea salt which are a natural exfoliant. Celia had a facial with natural ingredients including macademia, honey, and avocado.

Feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy our last day, we decide to explore the grounds once more.

We keep telling the hotel staff we don’t want to leave !

Cheers to an amazing stay at Jeeva Klui and getting to explore North Lombok. I will be back to visit again!