Bali – Sendang Gille and Tiu Kelip Waterfalls

An hour and half drive north of Jeeva Klui Resort you can find one of Lombok’s beautiful and growing attractions, Mount Rinjani but if you look closer; it’s actually the iconic Sedang Gile and Tiu Kelip waterfalls that draw visitors near and far. The entrance to the park is only 10,000 IDR (.70 US cents or $1AUD) and just a short walk down to the first waterfall.

We were shown the way by a local guide, a student who grew up not far from the area. Our tour was organized through our hotel however you don’t necessarily need a guide. It’s not a strenuous hike and you could opt to hire a driver for the day if you don’t feel like making the trek. We enjoyed getting to know our new friend and he took us to see the beautiful Sendang Gile Waterfall. We could easily take photos just by stepping on the cement blocks and there she was, stretching up to 65 feet tall (20 meters). My friend Celia was very excited to be able to get so close!

Next, we passed through forest covered pathways, over a small pipe bridge and on to see Tiu Kelip. Overall, it was about a 35-minute walk.

So much greenery; I loved taking photos of all the surroundings

We crossed two bustling streams. Water shoes are best but if you didn’t pack any, not to worry! Flip flops or bare feet are fine too. We met locals of the jungle and kids waiting at the edge eager to meet travellers and help them safely cross the stream to the second waterfall.

It doesn’t look like much but just wait…

We felt the cool and refreshing mist long before we saw the cascading falls. Celia and I could not believe how tall she was. One-hundred and fifty feet (45 meters) and so loud from the water pounding below that you could not stand beneath it. The water is so clear and we even saw a kid brushing his teeth! I mean why not, right? Getting a photo here was a must but it had to be carefully. The rocks were very slippery. I recommend using a go-pro or water camera.

We stood in awe for a few minutes just seeing all of the waterfalls and smelling the fresh air. It’s obvious why this place has become so popular. The water felt great after hiking through the humid forest. It was a perfect way to cool down.

We were happy to be able to make the trip here. After we changed out of our ‘kinis, we hiked back to the top while passing a few monkeys along the way. Tourists have the option to hike through a little stream tunnel and slide or just take the path on the way back towards the first fall. We said goodbye to our new friends and headed back to the resort. It’s definitely a must-visit while in Lombok.



Both wearing swimsuits:  @topanga_swim

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