Travel Diary: AUS – Great Barrier Reef – Lady Elliot Eco Hotel

The Great Barrier Reef. Visible from space and the largest living organism on our planet. Living in Australia this was definitely on my list of places to visit and could not believe it was finally happening. We decided on a day tour through Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. Our day started at 6:20AM when a car picked us up from our accomodation in Brisbane, Queensland. We were driven 30 minutes to an airport in Redcliffe where we picked up a propellor plane to take us to the island.  I was definitely keen to get a window seat.

The flight is just under 2 hours flying past beautiful spots along the coast like Fraser Island, and more of the Queensland. (If you have a sensitive stomach, I recommend taking Travelcalm before in case there is turbulence)

Almost the end of our journey through the clouds we see a little tiny island just below us.

We landed and were greeted by our guide for the day, Graham. Having worked at the resort for over 4 years he explained to us our itinerary for the day and how we would soon be swimming in the reef.

We had a little time before we would head out on the glass boat so we explored the island and learned more about the Eco Resort. Situated on a coral cay at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef the island is a breeding bed for all kinds of animals, especially sea turtles. The island has the highest seabird diversity within the reef and Graham explained that the birds tend to fly very low. I did have to duck a few times to avoid getting in their way. Guests can stay over night in one of their 41 accomodations. Each room is equiped with a fan-cooler and does not house a tv, radio, or phone so you can truly relax while visiting.

(Room choices available here)

We were shown where to retrieve our goggles and flippers for our swim and the restaurant to dine in later that day. I could not get over the view. Situated behind the restaurant lies a lagoon, the most beautiful water I have ever seen. It was meant to rain all day so I was very happy to see the sun shining across the water.

We loaded up in a truck wagon and were taken to the other side of the island where we would board a glass boat and begin our snorkel.

The water is so clear. We saw so much marine life and coral just from the boat I could not wait to get in the water. I was hoping to see a sea turtle up close but was un lucky this time. I still managed to see so many schools of fish and coral; refreshing after learning that the coral reefs are in danger.

The day wasn’t over yet. We went to the fish pool where we could get up close and personal with them. It was so fun standing in the pool with them swimming around our legs.

The end to a perfect day. We boarded the plane and watched the island fade away into the distance. My first Great Barrier Reef experience but hopefully not the last.


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