Travel Diary: Vietnam – Journey to Hoi AnVietnam


From Hue we headed down the coast towards Hoi An, known for its Ancient Town and beautiful beaches.  Hiring  a car and driver to make the 3 hour journey we stopped along the way to visit the Elephant natural springs, Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass and the Cham museum.

About fifty kilometers south of Hue, nestled in dense forest, is the Elephant natural springs and waterfalls. Walking through the tiny village, we followed the sounds of rushing water to a spring packed with locals enjoying a little dip to escape the humid weather.


The next stop was Lang Co Beach – one of the worlds most beautiful bays – a 10 km stretch of white sand perched between a lagoon and the East Vietnam Sea. Stopping on the southern side of the bay and looking back – the view is spectacular – with the small town and beach surrounded by  a horizon of forested mountains.



Stopping at Hai Van pass – a natural barrier between the north and central regions of Vietnam – we looked south over the densely forested mountains to the city of Da Nang.




We stopped for lunch at Apsara in Da Nang, where we enjoyed more traditional Vietnamese food.  I love how fresh all of the ingredients are and the meals are so full of flavor!


I recommend trying Cafe Sua Da, a traditional Vietnamese Ice coffee consisting of Vietnamese dark roast coffee in a French metal filter that drips down into condensed milk.  Once the coffee is filtered through, add ice and stir for a creamy and refreshing drink.


Our final stop was the Cham Sculpture Museum, which is the home to the largest collection of artifacts  from the Champa civilization – which inhabited Central and South Vietnam from the 2nd Century to the 19th Century.


Next Stop: Hoi An